About me

Hi, my name is Sebastian. I'm a Vim and Git addicted software developer from Germany.

I made software for technical, administrative and safety management of yachts over the last decade. Now I work in parking space management.

On this site you find information about projects I created in my spare time and that I want to share.

I have also a Gopher site. If your browser doesn't support Gopher you can use the Floodgap proxy.

Active Projects

Things I do @home.

  • efind - Extendable wrapper for GNU find with intuitive expression syntax.
    C, GNU Make, GNU Bison, GNU Flex, syntax analysis, context sensitive analysis, Python
  • datatypes - Collection of various abstract data types in C.
    C, GNU Make, abstract data types
  • libea - Template based C++ library for evolutionary algorithms.
    C++17, evolutionary computation, OpenMP, CppUnit
  • fuchsschwanz - Cross-platform Internet Citizens Broadcast (ICB) server.
    Python, ICB, asyncio, SQLite
  • icb-ws - HTML5 ICB front-end.
    JavaScript, Vue.js, Vuex, Webpack, WebSocket, Python, ICB, asyncio, Autobahn
  • mpcw - MPD client for Wear OS.
    Android, Java, MPD
  • mpcw.client - MPD client written in Java.
    Java, MPD
  • Goophi - Gopher protocol implementation in Clojure.
    Clojure, Gopher, Aleph
  • confick - Simple, stupid configuration management.
  • blocks-monger - MongoDB storage backend for blocks.
    Clojure, content-addressable storage, MongoDB
  • severin - A Clojure library for implementing resource pooling.
    Clojure, software transactional memory
  • severin-monger - MongoDB connection pooling for Clojure.
    Clojure, MongoDB
  • clojure-tlv - Pure functional type-length-value decoder and encoder.
  • Weather Station - Arduino Nano based weather station
    C++, Arduino

Dead Projects

Unmaintained code.

  • icb-irc - Experimental ICB-IRC bridge.
    Python, ICB, IRC, asyncio
  • Handgurke - Minimalistic ICB client.
    Python, ICB, asyncio, ncurses
  • Weather Service - A website for collecting & sharing weather station measurements.
    C#, .NET Core, MVC, REST, Bootstrap, Vue.js, JavaScript, jQuery, LINQ to DB
  • meat-a - REST service for adding social network features to an object database.
    Python, WSGI, MVC, REST, JSON, Cheetah, PostgreSQL, SMTP, GNU Make, m4
  • meatjs - A mobile application letting users tag, comment, vote & recommend images.
    Apache Cordova, Android, HTML5, REST, JSON, jQuery Mobile, JavaScript, asynchronous communication, cross-platform
  • Fonzie - A tiny virtual machine (~1000 loc).
    C, inline assembler, byte code processing, virtual CPU
  • fasm - An assembler for the Fonzie virtual machine.
    C#, assembler, byte code compiler, syntax analysis, context sensitive analysis
  • Bookkeeping - A simple bookkeeping application for personal use.
    Java, Swing, SQLite, cross platform, desktop
  • Jekyll - A GTK+ based multi-platform desktop client for Twitter.
    C, GNU Make, GNU gettext, GTK+, GObject, REST, OpenSSL, SQLite, JSON, XML, OAuth, inter-process communication, cross platform, desktop


If you want to contact me please use mail or Matrix.

GPG is much appreciated. Here you can download my GnuPG key.

The German law requires that this website has an imprint.


Who is Dixie Flatline?

One of my favorite characters from Neuromancer.

A famous computer hacker named McCoy Pauley, who earned his nickname by surviving three "flat-lines" while trying to crack an AI. [...] Before his death, Sense/Net saved the contents of his mind onto a ROM.

Wikipedia: Neuromancer#Characters