About me

Hi, my name is Sebastian. I'm a Vim and Git addicted software developer from Germany :)

I make software for the technical, administrative and safety management of yachts. In my job, I work with state-of-the-art web technologies on the Microsoft web platform.

At home I much prefer Unix-like operating systems (Linux, FreeBSD) and the whole stack of GNU software.

On this site you find mostly information about projects I created in my spare time and that I want to share. Sometimes I also turn on my webcam to watch birds or my cat.


Things I do @home.

  • efind - Extendable wrapper for GNU find with intuitive expression syntax.
    C, GNU Make, GNU Bison, GNU Flex, syntax analysis, context sensitive analysis, Unix process management, Doxygen, Valgrind, Cppcheck
  • datatypes - Collection of various data types in C.
    C, GNU Make, abstract data types, memory management, OpenMP, Doxygen, Valgrind
  • libea - Template based C++ library for evolutionary algorithms.
    C++14, STL, SCons, Python, unit testing (CppUnit), evolutionary computation, caching, LaTex, Doxygen, Valgrind
  • meat-a - REST service for adding social network features to an object database.
    Python, WSGI, MVC, REST, JSON, Cheetah, reflection, annotations, inter-process communication, caching, PostgreSQL, SMTP, unit testing, GNU Make, m4
  • Bookkeeping - A simple bookkeeping application for personal use.
    Java, Swing, SQLite, depency injection, GOF, reflection, annotations, cross platform, desktop
  • Fonzie - A tiny virtual machine (~1000 loc).
    C, inline assembler, byte code processing, virtual CPU
  • fasm - An assembler for the Fonzie virtual machine.
    C#, assembler, byte code compiler, syntax analysis, context sensitive analysis
  • my-website - This website.
    Clojure, compojure, ring-clojure, hiccup, markdown, caching, jQuery, HTML5, WAR

Projects (dead)

Unmaintained code.

  • meatjs - A mobile application letting users tag, comment, vote & recommend images.
    Apache Cordova, Android, HTML5, REST, JSON, jQuery Mobile, local storage, asynchronous communication, caching, cross-platform
  • Jekyll - A GTK+ based multi-platform desktop client for Twitter.
    C, GNU Make, GNU gettext, GTK+, GObject, REST, OpenSSL, SQLite, JSON, XML, OAuth, inter-process communication, caching, cross platform, desktop, Doxygen, Valgrind
  • mail2twitter - Python based email <-> Twitter bridge to share a Twitter account.
    Python, POP3, SMTP, SQLite


If you want to contact me please use mail or Jabber: sebastian@dixieflatline.de. GPG and OTR are much appreciated.

The German law requires that this website has an imprint.

Who is Dixie Flatline?

One of my favorite characters from Neuromancer.

A famous computer hacker named McCoy Pauley, who earned his nickname by surviving three "flat-lines" while trying to crack an AI. [...] Before his death, Sense/Net saved the contents of his mind onto a ROM.

Wikipedia: Neuromancer#Characters