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gooφ is a Gopher implementation written in Clojure. It comes with the following features:


The library can be installed from Clojars using Leiningen:

Clojars Project

Quick overview

Routing & entities

A Gopher request is represented as a map. It has the following keys:

The routing module converts a Gopher request to a map & evaluates a function returning an entity.

(use 'goophi.core)
(use 'goophi.routing)
(use 'goophi.response)

(def hello-world
   (menu-entity (info "hello world"))))

(dumps (hello-world ""))

-> ihello world    fake    (NULL)  0
-> .

filesystem module

gooφ has a built-in filesystem module with gophermap support.

(use 'goophi.fs)

(def fs-example
   [:as req]
   (get-contents "./example-pub" (:path req))))

(dumps (fs-example "docs/hello.txt"))

->    |\__/,|   (`\
->  _.|o o  |_   ) )
-> -(((---(((--------
-> .

Hostname and port are specified in the configuration file (config.edn). gooφ uses confick for configuration management.

redirection module

URLs are displayed on an HTML redirection page.

(use 'goophi.redirect)

(def redirect-example
   [:as req]
   (if-let [url (selector->url (:path req))]
     (redirect url)
     (menu-entity (info "Not found.")))))

(dumps (redirect-example "URL:"))


Build Aleph compatible request handlers with the tcp module.

(require '[aleph.tcp :as tcp]
         '[goophi.tcp :refer [->gopher-handler]])

(def my-routes
   [:as req]
   (get-contents "./example-pub" (:path req)))))

 (->gopher-handler my-routes)
 {:port 8070})


Read or change the request map by composing a custom request handler.

(defn log-request
  (printf "address: %s, path: %s\n"
          (:remote-addr request)
          (:path request))
  request) ; bypass request map

(def my-app
     [:as req]
     (get-contents "./example-pub" (:path req))))

(def s (tcp/start-server
        (->gopher-handler my-app)
        {:port 8070}))