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icb-irc is an experimental Internet CB Network bridge for IRC. It will pass ICB messages through to IRC, and IRC messages through to ICB.

Running the bridge

At first customize the configuration file ("config.json").


Hostname of your bridge.

	"hostname": "localhost"


This array contains the network bindings (TCP and TLS over TCP).



ICB server you want to connect to (TLS not implemented yet).

	"endpoint": "tcp://"

You need at least Python 3.7 to start the service.

 python3 ircd/ --config=./config.json

Channel modes

Channel modes are read-only over IRC. The ICB group status is translated the following way:

If a group is controlled (C), only invited users are allowed to speak. The +v user mode isn't supported.

ICB commands

Write a message to "server" if you want to run ICB commands:

/msg server help icb


There's a test server running under