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Jekyll is a GTK+ based multi-platform Twitter client. It has been developed and tested on GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows.



Jekyll uses GNU Make as build system. It has a separate Makefile for Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux. It depends on the following components:

You also need your own OAuth consumer key and secret. Please define the related settings in the file ("TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY" and "TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET").

If all required components are installed properly on your machine you can build Jekyll using the GNU Make utility:

$ make -f Makefile.{platform} depend
$ make -f Makefile.{platform}

To build Jekyll on Microsoft Windows please ensure that all directories in the related Makefile are correct.

By default Jekyll will be installed in "/usr/local". To change the location you can set the PREFIX variable:

$ make -f Makefile.{platform} PREFIX=/foo/bar


If Jekyll has been build successfully install it by typing in

$ make -f Makefile.{platform} install PREFIX=/foo/bar

Code documentation

To create the code documentation ensure that Doxygen is installed on your system and run

$ make -f Makefile.{platform} documentation